These lamps look amazing

Diy Light Lamps Creative Diy Light Lamps Ideas to Decorate Your Home.Looking for top diy light lamp ideas? Here you can find 10 creative homemade lamps

Que eu leia mais em 2015

And the words flew off the page like butterflies, flitting into her soul and swirling in her stomach. But she had never seen a butterfly before. through that book. did life become infinitely more beautiful.

This chandelier is amazing. The whole room, the table, yes... but the chandelier.... just wow!

Magnificent Chandelier Shaped Like an Upside Down Tree

Mesmerizing Tree Chandelier At Hall Vineyard In California. The tree limbs sparkle and delight thanks to the Swarovski crystal ‘grapes’ adorning the spectacle.

How-To: A Woodland Chandelier--all the other DIYs can go home, this one wins them all.

tinyhousedarling: “A Woodland Chandelier “ As our plans for entertaining move back indoors this autumn, we’ve found a simple way to refresh our décor— a DIY chandelier made from our classic twig lights. Inspired by branches in the fall forest as.

When you look into the Mirror of Erised, you'll see yourself with this completed Harry Potter bucket list.

Muggles, Don't Even Think About Attempting This Harry Potter Bucket List

From majestic castles and train rides over rolling Scottish hillsides to historic hotels and secret wizarding shops, Muggles fulfilling this Harry Potter travel bucket list will be entirely convinced that magic truly does exist.

srsrs... Meu Deus, tantas outras coisas Logo o Amor.

srsrs... Meu Deus, tantas outras coisas Logo o Amor.

"Só não me peça para ser simpática. Simpatia não tem nada a ver comigo." A Menina que Roubava Livros

the accordion, the lemon hair and the terrible soup. and a jew.

Eça de Queiroz, Os Maias, ****

The first love of my literary life. I was probably too young to read it but I did it anyway and since it was a free choice I was able to enjoy all the pleasure of a masterpiece.