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some brown worms are in the dirt and on top of each other's body
How to Make a Nightcrawler Worm Farm - Raising Nightcrawlers
Want to grow a nightcrawler worm farm? These helpful ideas will help get you started!
a drawing of a trash can with the lid open and rain coming down on it
All About Composting: Learn how to compost from Gardener's Supply
All About Composting - I wish I had had this info before building my compost bin.
a yellow wheelbarrow sitting next to two blue barrels on top of a wooden stand
My new compost tumbler I made for my wife for mother's day.
a large white barrel sitting on top of a wooden stand in the dirt at night
DIY Compost Barrel
a large blue barrel sitting on top of a wooden stand next to a yard and fence
Compost Bin
I love how the stand on this one is made tall enough for a wheel barrow to fit underneath. Could be adapted in many ways.
a star wars r2d2 trash can sitting on the sidewalk in front of some grass
My compost tumbler! I built it, kids and husband painted it. <3