Ein begehbarer Kleiderschrank ist für viele ein Traum.

Wie kann ich einen begehbaren Kleiderschrank in mein Schlafzimmer integrieren?

Walk-in dressing rooms are such a luxury. Not all homes have the space for built in walk-in wardrobes. But if you would like to remove your under-the-bed storage, get rid of chunky wardrobes or ceiling high shelving to a dressing room but can’t afford the


Conrad Koh Samui by Double tap if you would like to be here! Share it or tag who you want to be there with and for a chance to feature your travel photos. by myvillas

Construindo Minha Casa Clean: 20 Quartos com Closet - Veja Dicas e Ideias!

20 Quartos com Closet - Veja Dicas e Ideias!

But I also think that the room would be more aesthetically pleasing if the wall was knocked down and it was one large room instead of two small ones.

Une chambre à coucher avec dressing

Plan chambre : où mettre le lit dans la chambre ?

Tresarca / assemblageSTUDIO

Galería de Tresarca / assemblageSTUDIO - 3

Assemblage Studio built this family 2 storey-house in Las Vegas, in the middle of the Nevada Desert. The Tresarca Residence mixes the matters, the grey and the