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'Pokemon Badges' T-Shirt by polyhata

An illustrated list of the Gym Badges collectable from the Pokémon games, from Kanto to Unova. • Also buy this artwork on apparel.

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Meltan GX Custom Pokemon Card

Description Name: Meltan GX HP: 130 Type: Steel (S) Ferroform - Search your deck for a (S) Pokemon, place that Pokemon under Ferroflu GX. This Pokemon is now a copy of that Pokemon, with this attack still usable (retain all damage counters and status conditions). (S)(S) Magnesis GX ??? - Search your deck, this attack does damage based on the number of (S) Energy in your deck. 1-4 = 50 damage; 5-9 = 110 damage; 10+ = 180 damage. (You can't use more than 1 GX attack in a game.) Weakness: (F)…

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Alolan Raichu GX Full Art Custom Pokemon Card

Description Name: Alolan Raichu GX HP: 200 Type: Electric Ability: As long as this Pokemon is on your Bench, your Active Pokemon has no Retreat Cost. (E)(E)(E) Gravity Pull 60+ - This attack does 50 more damage for each (U) in your opponent's Active Pokemon's Retreat Cost. (E)(E)(U) Stoked Spark GX - This attack does 90 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon that has any Energy attached to it. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.) (You can't use more than 1 GX attack…

All Pokemon Badges through Black and White (Minus Orange League) Ref for perler. Pokemon Tattoo, Pokemon Birthday, Pokemon Party, Tous Les Pokemon, Pokemon Printables, Party Printables, Pokemon Gym Badges, Mega Pokemon, Pokemon Pins

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Décorez la table du goûter d'anniversaire pokémon grâce à de jolis badges et étiquettes pokemon à parsemer sur votre nappe.