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Sky by hayate-hime

The sky isn't the limit, it's just the view. Animation Attempt If you have any suggestions for my next animation just let me know Roy and Riza from .

Eureka! by hayate-hime

Attempt at animation "Eureka!" I imagine that's what Roy and Riza said when they decoded Master Hawkeye's secret to Flame Alchemy Characters Roy and .

I was just now wishing I could lie down on soft grass and watch a meteor shower

desferal: “let the poor boy sleep ”

roy and riza

thesixpennybook: “ breakthisspell: “ like this because it features Roy’s back, whereas most of it features Riza’s to the point where it is almost fetishizing this, like, creepy, potentially abusive.

Hawkeye melhor pessoa ksksksk

I just like how Hawkeye looks so done with everything and just casually pulls the hand away and Pride's in the back like, "What the fuck?