99designs Shortcut Cheat Sheet: Adobe Photoshop

Shortcut cheat sheet: Adobe Photoshop - Designer Blog

Adobe Photoshop Shortcut Cheat Sheet: But there are so many shortcuts out there! How do you keep track? With our Shortcut Cheat Sheet of course.

Quadro Decorativo Vintage Signs Adds Retrô Cerveja, Budweiser, beer, Heineken, Carros, Cars, Hot Rod, Pin ups, Coca-cola, Pepsi...  http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-673830863-quadros-decorativos-madeira-retr-vintage-cerveja-carros-_JM

Old vintage Budweiser beer commercial - woman pouring her hard working man a beer.

Heineken keg on Behance

Heineken keg by Ricardo Tohme, via Behance

71 Brilliant, Clever and Inspirational Ads That Will Change The Way You Think – Design School

71 brilliant, clever and inspirational ads that will change the way you think

71 Brilliant, Clever and Inspirational Ads That Will Change The Way You Think – Design School Mehr

Com dança no Pão de Açúcar, Havaianas estreia sua primeira campanha global

Com dança no Pão de Açúcar, Havaianas estreia sua primeira campanha global

back To The Future

vector illustration movie parts poster by graphic designer emma butler, canada. more movie parts poster here.

50 exemplos de Marketing de Guerrilha #2 | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

50 exemplos de Marketing de Guerrilha #2

The Outdoor Advert titled McDonald’s: Free coffee ambient was done by Cossette Vancouver advertising agency for product: Mcdonald's Coffee (brand: McDonald's) in Canada. It was released in Sep

28 Posters Tipográficos Criativos

28 Posters Tipográficos Criativos

Josh Mirman drew those awesome typo posters. Mario and Megaman wordier than ever ! Josh Mirman a dessiné ces 2 splendides posters typo. Mario et Megaman ont toujours le dernier mot… Yeaaah !

Infográfico de criação de logotipo, aprenda o essencial

Guia essencial para a criação de logos (Criação, aplicação e formas


A few years back, New York ad agency JWT came up with this brilliantly creative campaign for razor company Schick. To illustrate "the power of four," they created a razor so sharp, it even shaves the hair off tattoos! Clever and creative.

Ficha Técnica:•	Agência: África•	Diretor Geral de Criação: Sérgio Gordilho•	Executive Criative Director: Rafael Pitanguy•	Head of art: Humberto Fernandes•	Associate Criative Director: Erico Braga e Pedro Bullos•	Criação: Erico Braga, Rick Garcia•	…

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Viktor Kolodiazhnyi is rocking it with this oh-so-simple concept for Marshall Headphones and oh-so-effective series of print ads. Taking a rock and a metal ball, he adds earphones and transforms them into ‘hard rock’ and ‘hard metal.

Anúncios Criativos da semana para uma semana mais inspiradora (3)

Anúncios Criativos da semana 10

Beans & Beyond Extra Strong Coffee Ad by JWT. Very clever use of imagery to convey a message.

O InDesign é um dos meus programas preferidos da Adobe. Ele é perfeito para saídas de impressos e cada vez mais a Adobe o reformula para mat...

Adobe InDesign is a powerful software for desktop publishing. Just like many Adobe products, it does take some time getting used to. This Adobe InDesign cheat sheet by 99 Designs shows you how to get started with its shortcuts:


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