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an image of a drill press with instructions
Drawer hardware makes a slick slide for bits to ride
To organize your Forstner bits and drilling accessories and make them quick to access, try mounting full-extension drawer slides to the cabinet side for a series of sliding shelves. Each shelf is about 3" wide and holds from six to eight bits in polymer bit holders (1⁄4" socket bit holders, #16J03.61, 800-267-8767, —Brian Simmons, Des Moines, Iowa
a workbench with a circular saw on it and tools attached to the table
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Me gusta pienso hacerla
a magazine cover with a man working on a table sawing machine and the title, shop notes upgrade your table saw
Five-Minute Spray Booth
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the design for an ironing board that is designed to look like a dragon head
My Left Shoe
My Left Shoe
a workbench made out of wood with tools on the table and in front of it
Space-Saving Miter Saw Station
This lightweight, easy-to-build stand is at home in your shop or out at the worksite.
a man holding a large pair of scissors in front of a kitchen counter with a triangle shaped object on it
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Table saw tricks
a large wooden ruler sitting on top of a table
Shop-equipment Gallery
Table Saw sled
a close up of a skateboard on a wooden floor with metal bars and bolts
DIY Panel Saw
an electric driller mounted to the side of a wooden box with metal bars on it
DIY Panel Saw
a close up of a window sealer with a measuring device on it's side
Height-, length gauge (DIY.) Tablesaw setting, chisel honing guide and more… A free tape measure from your local hardware store, some scrap wood, a bolt and a insert – is all you need. Make a base of plywood in a desired lenght, make it wide enough to be able to hold a measure and a track. Route a spur for the tape measure, and a track for the stop. The stop are made from a scrap piece of wood, make a little extra block that fits the track to keep it 90 to the base when you slide...
the instructions for making a wooden chair
Free Quick-action Miter Sled Woodworking Plan
Quick-action 45 degree miter sled
several different types of boats are shown in this article
Woodworking Tips And Techniques
13 pointers for perfect plywood cuts
a piece of wood that is sitting on the ground next to a pair of scissors
Kerfmaker - Brass'n wood! (and How to use a Kerfmaker)
Kerfmaker - Brass'n wood! (and How to use a Kerfmaker)