Beautiful DIY home decor idea. Succulent aquarium with a layered look. This DIY indoor plant looks classy and great for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

Dicas para a horta

As Melhores Dicas Para Fazer Sua Própria Horta em Casa

upcycled hose reel

Jardim também é espaço para artesanato, Mural da Vila

Check out this backyard landscaping idea and more great tips on @worthminer

55 Backyard Landscaping Ideas You'll Fall in Love With

GRASS PATH edged with stones along border. Love the winding grass pathway. Love Grass Paths thin and wide, long and short, brief or endless. Soft meandering path by which to enjoy the garden. I am obsessed with Grass Paths.

Como montar um vaso de suculentas

Como montar um vaso de suculentas

Succulent cuttings like this are super easy to grow. ~ Mary Walds Place - How to propagate succulents.

Glowing Watering Can with Fairy Lights - How neat is this? It's SO EASY to make! Hanging watering can with lights that look like it is pouring water.

DIY Projects Yard Ideas Real cute idea Garden decor Glowing Watering Can with Fairy Lights - How neat is this? Hanging watering can with lights that look like it is pouring water. (dream back yard)

DIY 10 Outdoor Fountains

DIY 10 Outdoor Fountains

(link) FOUNTAIN: How to Build a Concrete Fountain ~ Create a stone-lined garden pond, then carve a waterfall out of a block of stone using basic power and hand tools. The technique is simple, even for beginners. This is a STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL GUIDE

DIY Cool Indoor-Outdoor Modular Cylinder Planters..

Cool DIY Indoor-Outdoor Modular Cylinder Planters If you have limited gardening space than dis DIY planter is made for you!This DIY project would let you save some gardening space. @ its-a-green-life

Saiba quais são as melhores plantas para se ter no apartamento com esse Infográfico de jardim vertical e plantas para vasos.

Varandas decoradas para todos os estilos e gostos

Raised garden beds...totally a great plan!

Deck Idea, via family handyman. Built-in planter box or raised bed like that is a nice idea.

Ultimate collection of 25 most beautiful & DIY friendly   garden path ideas and very helpful resources from a professional landscape designer!  via A Piece Of Rainbow

25 Most Beautiful DIY Garden Path Ideas

Gravel Garden Path Variation: Flexible metal or stone edging (can be easily made from local rocks) gives a nice definition to this garden path, and keeps the gravel in place

DIY Mini Spring Succulent Planters from Plastic Easter eggs! What a fun craft idea that is perfect for a spring party or bridal shower.

Craft It - DIY Mini Spring Succulent Planters

Remember how I teased yesterday that I had some amazing projects coming up? Well, today is one that I am especially in love with. I mean ho.