Tabletas incorporadas, "haga su orden"

Patio Table with Ice Bin by TheAtticWoodshop on Etsy, I wouldn't buy it but I would try and make it for a small patio/ deck

reconvierte un viejo palé en una estantería para tus macetas, un pequeño huerto para las especias que además es muy original!

[I think this idea is clever, practical yet beautiful]. Quick & easy pallet idea -- beautiful vertical herb garden DIY -- love the paint color choice. It would be so fun to pay with different fonts on the labels, too.

Learn How to Make a Pallet Garden in 7 Easy Steps!

Learn to Make a Pallet Garden In 7 Easy Steps

This is so neat especially if you have limited space. Right now you are 7 easy steps away from a fantastic DIY pallet garden! Small spaces can go green and reduce how Cool!


Easy project from the sweets sisters at DIY:: "Simple And Cheap"Hanging Garden Planter ! good idea for growing herbs