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Gianluca Avilla

Gianluca Avilla
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Great drawing of Ciri, cool armor. Love this character. She's more badass than Geralt even before she becomes a witcher. (art by Klaus Wittmann)

Artistic Rendition of our favourite Targaryen - Um, no. That's Ciri, from the Witcher 3 - ummm that's Aelin/Caelena from Throne Of Glass.


azog from the Hobbit concept art. They have the books on all the art and stuff that do for that hobbit and i would highly recommend anyone who is interested in concept work to check it out. Called the Hobbit chronicles, at and design.

Dragão Colossal

Never play cards with a Fyire Dragon. If they don't like their hand they will burn all the cards into a grey little pile of cinders. I'm pretty sure that's death wing in th


Hobgoblin Chieftain Zorg King of the Silent Mountain Leader of the Goblin-Troll-Ogre Alliance (Half Dwarf-Half Goblin) albino hobgoblin=increased intellect