Sewing girl frame

♥Freebie Printable: Sew Me Pretty Frame

vintage ads © bruno pozzo 2015

- Advertising by Bruno Pozzo. - A life without cupcakes is a life without love.

vintage ads creation © bruno pozzo 2015

Provence, France is known for its lovely fields of lavender which is used in cooking, sachets, and perfumes.

Le Confiture (Bruno Pozzo)

uniqueshomedesign: “ Home in France ✿⊱╮ charisma design ”

vintage ads creation © bruno pozzo 2015

Herb pot of Basil and fresh peppers for good French cooking in Provence, France.

Le Miel (Bruno Pozzo)

Display of French honey from the Provence region of southern France. I brought some lemon-flavored honey (miel) home with me--so good!

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