Handmade Italian meringue macarons delicately flavoured to match our scrumptious range of homemade jams, and lush chocolate ganaches
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six colorful macaroons with chinese writing on them sitting on a marble surface,
Hand painted macarons to celebrate Chinese New Year.
seven colorful buttons with chinese writing on them sitting on a marble surface, next to each other
Hand painted macarons from our Chinese New Year 2021 gift box.
there are many decorated cookies on the table
four decorated cookies sitting on top of a table
an open box filled with different types of cookies and candy wrapped in red ribbon, sitting on top of a white surface
Christmas macaron gift boxes and gift bags
some colorful macaroons are on a white plate
Hand-painted macarons
two boxes filled with macaroni and cheese wrapped in orange ribbon next to each other
More macarons gift boxes!
a box filled with lots of different colored macaroons
I love macarons because they are the perfect playground for playing with flavour combinations. These are some of our popular flavours.
an open box with macaroons wrapped in orange ribbon
Ginger & Cacao macarons gift box
macaroons decorated with sunflowers and daisies on a marble counter top
I loved making these hand-painted French macarons for a surprise birthday party! The customer requested for sunflowers and hibiscus and they were both a joy to paint ❤
six orange and green buttons with flowers painted on them
Sharing two new designs for hand-painted macarons.
several macaroons with designs painted on them
Koi and lotus flower - two of my favourite designs for hand-painted macarons.
six sunflowers and flowers painted on different colored buttons
Hand-painted floral macarons
several macaroons with writing on them are arranged next to each other
Springtime macarons