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True Norwegian Black Metal -- this makes me smile because between being depressed and exhausted there is virtually NO CHANCE of these two creating mayhem!

Mayhem Today is Black Friday, so we thought we’d celebrate the best way we knew how—by listing our top 10 black metal bands of all time. Cue the horns: \m/ Darkthrone Satyricon Burzum Dimmu Borgir Emperor Enslaved Ulver Arcturus Immortal Related

Taake, True Norwegian Black Metal  {X+X∞} ................. andraaj repin 2014 S/S Anuubis

Taake, True Norwegian Black Metal {X+X∞} ................. andraaj repin 2014 S/S Anuubis

3 SHORT months from now, you will thank yourself. Promise.

3 months from now, you will thank yourself quotes motivational fitness exercise fitness quotes workout quotes exercise quotes keep going

1. Unbutton both buttons 2. Flip the cover over 3. Tuck the cuff and roll it under so that the cuff creates a new, precise end of the sleeve. 4. Repeat until desired length is achieved.

How To Cuff Your Shirtsleeves. I'm sorry, do we seriously need a tutorial on how to cuff your shirt sleeve?

Booting up for fall and winter with these Levi’s boots from JackThreads for only $80.

There are so many Awesome Men’s Boots available from many Brands like Timberlands, Levi’s and more. You need to know about Men’s Boots classification such as The Casual Boots, The…