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OK so I haven't read The Selection but what I've inferred is there are 35 girls selected to be the wife of some prince? Being the guy I am I'm picturing Hunger Games with teenage girls fighting with heels and purses flying everywhere.

soul-andbody:  “America Singer. That’s an interesting name you have there. Is there a story behind it?” “Yes actually. While my mom was pregnant with me, I kicked a lot. She said she had a fighter in her hands so she named me after the country that fought so hard to keep this land together. It’s odd, but to her credit, she was right- we’ve been fighting ever since.”

lovely wedding hair and a pretty red head at that! I like the tiara in the back with the braid around it. Almost vintage.

Colecionando Primaveras: Quote da semana (A Seleção)

Colecionando Primaveras: Quote da semana (A Seleção)

PDF     Sinopse     Livro 1 -  A Seleção     Para trinta e cinco garotas, a Seleção é a chance de suas vidas. A oportunidade de escap...

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