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Giovanna Matos
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[FB] UP10TION Hwanhee #UP10TION #업텐션 #Hwanhee #환희

[FB] UP10TION Hwanhee #UP10TION #업텐션 #Hwanhee #환희

Read Wallpaper from the story Imagine BTS (Terminada) by ChirleiArmy (Chirley) with reads.

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WTF (/-//_//-/)

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Meu bebê açúcar kk

Like you're the priest heading to a funeral but you're broke so you gotta steal a tricicle SUGA BTS

Dipper e Mabel em um "outro estilo" bem assustador! (E tem o Bill também!)

I FIGURED IT OUT Gravity Falls is an animated kids version mixture of the shows Wayward Pines and The Middle (Sue it totally Mabel all the way!

Park Jimin é um ômega e ainda não teve seu primeiro cio. Por algum ac… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

OMG Jungkook so funny I noticed that too. Jungkook giving Jimin a hard time (to wear the shades) I guess he didn't expect that.