Maragogi, Maceió

Crystal clear water, blue skies and tropical palm trees. Every thing summer provides in one picture!

Que ao olhar esse lugar tenha paz e tranquilidade ! Bom dia :-)

Crystal clear water in the natural pool / Puglia Italy (Água cristalina na piscina natural / Puglia Itália)

Calvacante (GOIÁS) - Rio da Prata, BRAZIL    Foto: Rui Faquini

Goiás Rio da Prata, Cavalcante (Goiás) by Visit Brasil, via Flick

Avenida Paulista com suas luzes  da noite. São Paulo - Brasil

Avenida Paulista, the main thoroughfare in the city, brightly lighted at night…

Paulista Avenue Sao Paulo - Brazil  uma ciclovia milionária

I think that these streets are designed very uniquely as well as creatively. Seeing these from a plane would be so awesome. I'm not sure how the roads work, but I am impressed with what the architect has created.