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an advertisement for children's clothing with the words los recuerdos de infracia
Los recuerdos de infancia de Nik
an advertisement for the spanish language magazine, with pictures of people sitting at a table
the cartoon shows people in different stages of life
an info poster showing the different types of people in spanish and english, with text below
Infografí­as: Fotos
two cartoon comics with people talking to each other and one is holding a cell phone
a poster with words in spanish and english on the bottom right hand corner is an image of children
Imperfecto En Español F42
the words in spanish are written on paper with pictures of animals and people around them
a page from a spanish language textbook with an image of a woman sitting at a desk
an old paper with writing on it that says,'i am not sure if this is
the spanish language poster shows different types of words and phrases in english, spanish, and spanish
a page with words in spanish and english
Imparfait ou passé simple / Belle au bois dormant
a man holding a guitar while standing in front of a wall with pictures on it
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