Filtro Dos Sonhos Coruja Marrom e Branca

Filtro Dos Sonhos Coruja Marrom e Branca

Filtro dos Sonhos

DIY: Dreamcatcher ou Filtro dos Sonhos

Dream Catchers are one of the most fascinating Traditions of Native Americans. The Traditional Dream Catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative Dreams, while letting positive Dreams through.

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Creating this cute owl dream catcher isn’t a tough task. Experiment with different kinds of feathers to add variation to your collection. You can place different owl dream catchers side by side on the walls.

Filtro dos Sonhos; Dream Catcher

(Edit: Formerly named "Sleep Well Childe.", but I noticed that it doesn't show up in searches for "Dream Catcher", so I changed the name slightly. A Catcher of Dreams

dream catcher as a post-type-earring-holder. I wold LOVE this in a mini version as a necklace too.

The History and Story Behind Dream Catchers