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The word is gonna judge you no matter what you do, so live your life the way you fucking want to


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So true

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.I apply this to my friends too. It is their life not mine. I don't have to agree with their decisions etc. People need your love and support not your judgement. Be there for your friends... don't judge them. You have not walked in their shoes.

I m who I am. Get off my back and deal with it. It's my life, not yours.

Wise words! #Luxurydotcom

Only the FOOL reveals all that they know. The fool loves parading around with their seemingly infinite knowledge. They are always open to explaining EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. They tell their secrets habits tricks and even how much they have in their bank

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Dont judge

so true.you have no idea the reasoning or events that led to a situation also appearances aren't always as they may seem! I will NEVER judge a persons actions until I walk in their shoes!