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Ma'bad Abu Simbel il-Akbar, Egypt. I want to go see this place one day. Please check out my website thanks.

The Abu Simbel temples are two massive rock temples in Abu Simbel, a small village in Nubia, southern Egypt, near the border with Sudan. They are situated on the western bank of Lake Nasser, about 230 km southwest of Aswan.

Abu Simbel, back in the day.  From

Abu Simbel - what his kingdom may have looked like in Ramses II's day

Head of Ramses II in Abu Simbel, Egypt.

Head of Ramses II in Abu Simbel, Egypt.

Temple of Ramses. Abu Simbel.    Truly awe inspiring... The size of it in person is nearly overwhelming.

Twin Temples - built by Ramsses II in 1264 BC in the southern province of Nubia, Egypt. Over the centuries they were completely covered by sand. They were rediscovered in 1813 by a boy named Abu Simbel, who led a British archeologist to them.

Tempio di Edfu, Viaggio Gran Tour dell'Egitto

Horus statue with cat at Temple of Edfu, Egypt. one of the oldest and most significant deities in ancient Egyptian religion, who was worshipped from at least the late Predynastic period through to Greco-Roman times (Seen here with his pal Bastet)

Abu Simble Temple, Luxor,  Egypt

When Ramses II married a Hittite princess, it strengthened the political alliance between the two former enemies. But the arrangements weren’t easy to make.