Rainha de Tammaraset, Lady Kannya

A beautiful, white haired queen on a throne surrounded in red and gold. Queen of hearts everyone

i made a glameow to swap w/ my chingling in pokehost i'm pretty fond of this design so far. AA JUST KIDDING- i'm actually applying her to Poke-Village ! h*ck !

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Tatto Ideas 2017 – regardscoupables Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER Regards Coupables // Cat // Illustration // Art Discovred by : Lou-Ann Peri

ilustração digital.

Black and white Drawing,Photography,Mixed Media / would look great translated into make-up!

Nungui is the Jivaro Goddess of Vegetation. The Jivaro of Peru ask Nungui for a good harvest when they plant manioc, her sacred plant. She lives in the forest, and is also called upon to help with garden plots. Her name is also seen as Nungwi and she is called Lady of the Manioc.

Melanie Delon - ooooh, that headdress! and the fierce looking face paint! this is fantasy art with a bit of attitude, very inspiring.

Chiara Bautista- This is how I picture my soul when I am spiraling into darkness and self loathing

Warriors Queen Fantasy - Comunidade - Google+

f Elf Ranger w lg Cat The look of this light plate is so organic, I couldn't help but use it for the Elven archers