Power strip Svintus (concept)

Svintus power strip by Art Lebedev Studio. This is awesome, I want one with US plugs!

floating ripple vases by oodesign

Japanese product design studio Oodesign has working on these amazing ripple vases that float on water. "Like a ripple ,"Floating Vase" is a bud vase that floats. Once on water, the vase becomes ind.

BookBook Vol 2 for iPad

BookBook for iPad - A library of BookBooks just for iPad

BookBook Vol 2 for iPad - BookBook Vol 2 for iPad - Twelve South vintage book case for ipad or macbook

Beautiful Computers

This is a art deco mahogany with aluminum accents for a mini ITX case by Jeffrey Stephenson Design, How chic!

Technical Art and Steampunk Contraptions - the nicest keyboards ever

uggly: “ Datamancer’s Art Deco Keyboard. This glimmering polished aluminum keyboard pays homage to the streamlined, “Machine Age" styling of the with a glossy acrylic faceplate, reflective.

Wonderful recyling idea

Hedonism(y) Trojaner by Babis Pangiotidis. Horse covered with computer keyboard keys Wonderful!