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Glória Azevedo

Glória Azevedo
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Esboço de Leida Nogueira No desenho da figura humana, utiliza-se a medida da cabeça como módulo e pode-se dividir em 7 partes ...

In the drawing of the human figure, we use the measurement of the head as module can be divided into 7 equal parts and half (figure # ie, the head e.

clothing and folds tutorial by juliajm15

Drawing proper folds is probably one of the hardest things to constantly do right. Yet it is very important for the dynamic feel of a drawing. - Clothing and Folds Tutorial…

Beautiful color on this wall, it's so much more than a "finish".

Textured, fancy walls are so in right now—and watercolor walls are just continuing that trend. Check out these pretty rooms that style the watercolor wall mural really well, for inspiration on how to do it in your home.

Transience | Lex Pott - A mirror that reveals the oxidation process using sulphur

“ Over time, dark spots start to appear on mirrors. The silver layer is slowly oxidizing under the influence of oxygen and water, thereby showing some of its history. This process can be regarded as.