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graffiti written on the side of a building reads, se eu purese te bejava ate 4 alma
Se eu pudesse te beijava até a alma
a sign on the side of a building that reads, s preeto apagar arte
Revista de arte e criatividade Zupi | Revista Zupi
Destaque no maior festival de documentários da América Latina, Festival É Tudo Verdade, o filme "Cidade Cinza" fala sobre a cultura do graffiti e como ele é tratado na cidade mais populosa do Brasil
two rocks with faces on them and one has a can
a man sitting on the side of a building next to a sign that says happiness is in attitude
Recycled Art Foundation.
a white brick building with blue windows and graffiti on it's side, in front of a red circle
bacrote : Photos
a fire hydrant with a sticker on it's face sitting next to a wall
revolução industrial.
revolução industrial.
a manhole cover with two fried eggs painted on it's sides and black handles
Tom Bob, NYC, 2018
a white statue with curly hair and red lipstick
Bad: Should have blended the photos together more
a cement block with a sticker on it sitting next to a sidewalk
Quirky Chalk Art In The Streets By David Zinn
Chalk Art By David Zinn
a white pigeon sitting on top of a red box next to a chain and pen
a little birdie said so ... X ღɱɧღ || YÜCEL TÜRKOĞLU
four different types of graffiti on the side of a building
Awesome Banksy
Awesome Banksy