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Sebastiao Selgado, The Brooks Range, Alaska, from the series Genesis, 2009. Gelatin silver print.

Sebastião Salgado photo - The Eastern Part of the Brooks Range - the arctic national wildlife range, Alaska landscape black and white photography mountain nature

Sebastião Salgado

Check out these gorgeous photos by Sebastiao Salgado. You'll never think of reindeer the same again. The Nenets of Siberia ensure the annual reindeer migration - The Washington Post

Génesis de Sebastião Salgado

Look, ma! Salgado photographed these chinstrap penguins on icebergs between the Zavodovski and Visokoi islands in the South Sandwich Islands, near Antarctica. by Sebastião Salgado

In Love With My Planet - Slide Show -

Every spring, the Nenets of the Siberian Arctic move enormous herds of reindeer from winter pastures on the Russian mainland, traveling over 620 miles northward to summer pastures in the Arctic Circle. Sebastião Salgado, In Love With My Planet