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a buddha statue with the quote love is not between a beautiful man and woman, love is between two beautiful hearts
Love is an unexpresable feeling
a couple embracing each other with the text why you need the 15 second kiss every day of your marriage
The 15-Second Kiss: Your Marriage Needs It — Purposeful Mommy
How can the 15-second kiss bring you closer in your relationship? Read about how taking a few extra seconds each day to show your love that you still want them can improve your love life!
buddha quote about true love is born from underhanding
Although not always right away, there has never been anyone that I've understood more than you...yours is a beautiful mind and an even more beautiful spirit, covered in beauty, then dipped and sealed in beauty...you are worth every effort it takes to love you, and I gladly love you with all that I have and am, even now, even more, Beautiful...