Rustic Nursery Inspired by the Outdoors - On to Baby | love the detail on the drapes

Amy Lyons Lyons Lyons Petrey Back i love the curtains and light in this room with a little bit of dark. what do you think? Rustic Nursery Inspired by the Outdoors - On to Baby

asegúrese de hacer esto con forro o de un tejido de "robusto" bits y no salen de la parte superior arrugada así (quizás velcro como archivo adjunto)

Parisian Note Lined Tie-Up Valance Note to self; make sure you make this with lining or from a bit "sturdier" fabric and do NOT leave the top wrinkly like that (perhaps velcro as an attachment)

firanki nowoczesne - Google Search

For the far window nook--settee or chaise behind VERO drapowana firanka - EuroFiranki.

PORTAPANE - Linea Corallo - Raffinato e romantico portapane che saprà donare un tocco di stile ed eleganza alla vostra tavola

PORTAPANE - Linea Corallo

BREAD BASKET - CORAL Collection - Refined and romantic bread basket, that will donate a touch of style in your kitchen table


For kitchen window. Made 6 squares for each panel. Crocheted them together in a strip with right sides together through the back loops only. Then single crocheted once all the way around the st.