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Grey blackout blind

We needed some type of blinds but did not want the original blinds with a cord. These are Roller BLINDS. They are different from typical white blinds and they have a nice light gray color.

Lux wall lamps

Clever little wall lights. by Kristján Kristjánsson – 2010 Lighthouse – Iceland Lux is a simple wall lamp, which produces a decorative lighting effect. As they rotate 360 degrees you can arrange a real light show

'lux W1' sistema de iluminação de parede. o design modular é composto de cubos coloridos de alumínio (100x100x100mm), que quando iluminadas, projeto uma luz triangular para fora. as unidades podem fazer cada 360  graus rotações  em combinação uns com os outros, criar padrões multicoloridos geométricas na parede.

the modular design is made up of colored aluminium cubes which when lit, project an outward triangular light. the units can each make full 360 degree rotations, and in combination with one anothe