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a golden christmas jar with holly decorations on it sitting on a table next to a red candle
China quality manufacturers
Ornament cookie jar
an elephant figurine with a red bow around its neck
Charming vintage Elephant cookie jar $68.00
a yellow pineapple shaped container sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
Red Wing Yellow Pineapple Collector Cookie Jar
a ceramic figurine is sitting on a table
Skier cookie jar $20.00
a ceramic container with a green windmill on it
Yahoo Image Search
Windmill cookies?
a ceramic pot with fruit painted on it
Mc Coy Pottery Hand Painted Colorful Fruit Cookie Jar
two flamingos on a tropical scene with palm trees and birds painted on the sides
Flamingo Purse cookie jar
a yellow ceramic vase sitting on top of a table
Bananas Rare!
an orange toy car on display in a store
RARE ~ Glenn Appleman Red Buick convertable cookie jar $595.00 WWW.JAZZEJUNQUE.COM
a ceramic baby doll sitting on top of a table
Lefton Chubby Chef Girl Cookie Jar
two figurines are sitting on top of a toy carriage
Quick Draw McGraw cookie jar $59.99
an old fashioned kitchen cabinet with lots of knick - knacks
Vintage USA Cookie Jars
Vintage Cookie Jars
a ceramic container with corn on the cob painted on it's sides and leaves
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corn and husks jar
a blue and white ice cream truck is on a black surface with a gray sheet behind it
Telling Secrets
Cookie jars