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an anime character with purple hair sitting on the ground and holding a book in his hand
an anime character is reading a book with a cat
two comics with one being in bed while the other is lying down and talking to each other
Maki motivações
tudo que o Yuta precisa é essa simples fala kk
two anime characters hugging each other with their arms around one another's shoulders and the words above them
Yuuji & Megumi || OwwlllY on 𝕏
yuuji and megumi | from #jujutsukaisen #jjk ! ﹫OwwlllY on 𝕏
a drawing of a woman in a corset and headphones on her head
Maki Zenin ☆
artist: masoq095 on twitter
a black and white drawing of a woman with glasses holding a wine glass in her hand
Maki Zenin
artist: masoq095 on twitter