Parede com papel de parede claro e delicado + espelhos + cabeceira de couro bege + criados brancos. Projeto Maximira Durigan.

Cabeceira vertical no quarto

Construindo Minha Casa Clean: Cabeceiras na Horizontal ou Vertical? Escolha a Sua!


Alternative Jurassic World Posters

Big big reveal today for something that I’ve had to keep quiet about…until now! The lovely folks at Shortlist Magazine invited me to produce an alternative poster for Jurassic World. I accepted as fast as you can say ‘DINO DNA’ and set to work on.

The lost world: Jurassic Park wallpaper. Papel de parede "O mundo perdido: Jurassic Park".

20 Years Since The Lost World: Jurassic Park 2 : papel parede wallpaper divertido

Happyraptor goes to the movies :)Modo , zbrush and Photoshop.Click the image to see it bigger , Orr… wallpaper sized :detail :

sala-cortina-amarela.jpg (400×300)

An empty nest gave this North Carolina couple the chance to move into new, low-maintenance digs. Check out their fresh start in HGTV Magazine.

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