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a baby is smiling and wearing a bib with an image of a teddy bear on it
Significado do nome Bernardo
O nome "Bernardo" tem origem germânica e deriva da junção das palavras "bern", que significa "urso", e "hard", que significa "forte" ou "corajoso". Portanto, o significado do nome Bernardo é frequentemente interpretado como "forte como um urso" ou "corajoso como um urso".
a hand holding a spiral notebook with the letter j on it and a tassel
Caderneta de saúde personalizada no tema Alfabeto azul
the letter g is inscribed in green on a white paper with leaves and flowers around it
Capa para Caderneta de saúde Inicial verde
Capa para caderneta de saúde personalizada Alfabeto verde
a person holding up a card with the letter j in blue and white on it
a blue notebook with an image of the queen of patricia on it and a tassel
two notebooks are open with beads in them
a notebook with an image of cars and hot air balloons
Livro cartas da mamãe Bosque encantado 😍
a personalized notebook with an image of a mother and child
a children's book with an image of the princess and her two children in front of
a personalized notebook with a girl holding a baby in her arms and the name mardane on it
a spiral notebook with an image of a princess in front of a castle and the words marnie on it
an elephant with a pink bow on its head and the word marine written in it
Bloquinho onça 🐆
a notebook with an animal and lion cover
a spiral notebook with an image of a lion on the front and back cover that says lucas
a spiral notebook with pink flowers on it
Planner 2024 - Menina e gatinho Gatos, Cats