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rock climbing gear for beginners
The Ins and Outs of Indoor and Outdoor Climbing
the 6 best foldable treadmills for beginners infographical poster with instructions on how to use them
The Best Foldable Treadmills
We’ve rounded up the best foldable treadmills for any and everybody (cause we all gotta get our workout on, even if we live in sardine-can apartments).
the 8 best recumbent bikes in the world infographical poster - click to enlarge
The 8 Best Recumbent Bikes
Sitting back on a recumbent bike puts less strain on your body and heart while still giving you the cardio workout you’re looking for. 👀 🚲
an advertisement for kettles with the words swing away with these amazing kettlebells
The Best Adjustable Kettlebells
Adjustable models give you all the weight increments you need in a single kettlebell — ideal for storing in small spaces like a home gym, the corner of your living room, or under your bed. 💪
a poster with instructions on how to use an indoor bike trainer's bicycle stand
The 6 Best Bike Trainers
Did you know you can turn your bike into an *indoor* bike? 🤯
a pink poster with the words run smart and save money with the best cheap treadmills
The Best *Cheap* Treadmills
You don’t need to spend a ton of $$ to get the best gear! Try these budget-friendly treadmills to save money and get fit.
the top 10 best rowing machines for 2012 info sheet with instructions on how to use them
Best Rowing Machines of 2021
Indoor rowing is a fab workout for almost anyone because it’s a low impact exercise that packs a serious punch.
an image of gardening gear for beginners on a blue background with the text garden gear for beginners
Gardening Gear for Beginners
Ready to start your own garden? We’ve got your checklist!
the 7 best exercise trampolines for 2021 infographical poster with instructions on how to use them
Best Exercise Trampolines
A trampoline may be the most fun way EVER to get your workout in.
an advertisement for treadmills with the words out of space in shape
Best Compact Treadmills
Low on space? These compact treadmills have your back. 🏃