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Green@gmail Meditation
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Blue Angel (Glaucus Atlanticus)

‘Blue Angel Of The Sea - Glaucus Atlanticus’ Also known as the ’sea swallow’, ’blue glaucus’, ’blue dragon’, ’blue sea slug’ and ’blue ocean slug’. atlanticus preys on other, larger pelagic.


Waterspout In Tampa Bay taken by Photos de Jeremy Kappell WDRB .Waterspouts, for the unfamiliar, are basically water-tornados, often weaker than land tornados but still completely terrifying. As is the case with this waterspout, which hit Tampa Bay.

Abre as comportas do céu

This is an awesome picture. Supercell Thunderstorm by Sean Heavey, nationalgeographic: A supercell thunderstorm rolls across the Montana prairie at sunset. This was a winning shot in the 2010 National Geographic Nature Gallery Photo Contest.