Mal feito feito. Kkk..

Vai Atirar o Pau no Gato!

Cerveja cerveja cerveja cervejaaaaa!

Como pedir uma cerveja ao redor do mundo

Peça uma cerveja em qualquer idioma / Ask a beer in any language

'80's metal band album covers | Album cover of the demonic heavy-metal Rock band DIO . Notice the ...

Dio - Holy Diver - 25 Greatest Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Album Covers

só na paz..futebas e tubaina

These are a few of my favorite things.bob marley, beer and soccer!

Deus é incrivel

The Physics of the Plasma Universe by Anthony Peratt describes magma as a plasma, a medium containing moving charges. So we should expect volcanoes not only to exhibit electrical behavior but to have that behavior connected with the larger plasma environm

Michael Jordan

Fotos do nosso amigo... Michael Jordan

Perhaps the greatest because of his work ethic and desire to improve even when he was the best. Loved practice as much as games.

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In his first year of school, Cobain was known as the inquisitive student with the Snoopy lunchbox, one of the only children bold enough to pose for a photo with a bear cub that was brought in for show-and-tell.

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bob marley -- Bob's father was european white, & his mother Jamaican. He smoked a LOT of weed and got SKIN Cancer on his toe. It moved through his body. His body of work remains the strongest & greatest works in REGGAE, of all time.

Heineken namorados

Anúncio criativo da Heineken pro Dia dos Namorados