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a black front door with two sidelights on the top and bottom panel is shown
This beautiful Spring Flower Door Hanger is the perfect way to welcome Spring and Summer! Plain and boring...! Visitors and those passing by will just love these bright colors. Having a welcoming door is the perfect way to spread happiness and cheer all around. This was a super easy craft that I made with the girls for less than $10. I found the basket at Goodwill for just $2.99 and the rest at Dollar Tree. They have such a huge selection of silk flowers this time of year so t…
the outline of a butterfly is shown in black and white
Dollar Store Butterfly Door Hanger DIY
What better way to welcome spring and summer than with a gorgeous butterfly door or wall hanger! You've seen them already made for wreaths - but have you wondered how to actually make the butterfly? Well, today I'm going to show you how! Made from scratch using dollar store items, you will be surprise how easy it is to make one! This whimsical wall hanger has a rope outline in a butterfly shape made out of poster foam board with a burlap fabric covering - all from the dollar store!…
ingredients to make lemon juice on a table with the words glue 3 tbp vaseine 2 tbp lemon juice 1 tbp all purpose flour 1 cup
How To Make Dough For Handmade Jewelry & Crafts Making (! Khadija's Creative Mind)
How To Make Dough For Handmade Jewelry & Crafts Making
seven ways to upcycle old calendars
7 Ways to Upcycle Old Calendars - PreparednessMama
calendars with the words 11 ways to re - use jod calendars
11 Ways to Reuse Old Calendars
11 Ways to Reuse Old Calendars
a white candle is in a gray container with twine around it and sits on a wooden table
Repurposed Soda Bottle
While repurposing a soda bottle isn’t a brand new concept, you can use your imagination to make any craft original. Your kids can help you with this one; I used an empty Dr Pepper plastic bottle to make a cute votive holder! Easy soda bottle craft! Cut the bottle in hRemember this is a PLASTIC bottle, so for safety, use electric candles, or fill it with a treat instead!alf, paint and embellish! Easily turn this soda bottle into an adorable votive holder! Remember this is a PLASTI…
a green glass bell with white flowers on it sitting on top of a wooden table
Aqua Glass Insulator Trees...more early Christmas ideas...
three small flower pot holders on top of a book with clothes pins attached to them
Make a Thread Spool Photo Holder with Buttons!
DIY thread spool photo holders - easy to make vintage home decor!