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the walkway is lined with stones and gravel, leading to a modern house in the background
Photo 3 of 47 in 40+ Best Modern Courtyards by Zach Edelson from Lake…
With its expansive, geometric design and wide concrete-slab walkways, the enclosed central courtyard around which the house is organized creates outdoor space protected from the sometimes-inhospitable wind out of the northeast.
an outdoor living area with couches and tables
Rinn Betonsteine und Natursteine
Tolle Farbwahl der Terrassenplatten in Kombination mit der Hausfarbe. Die natürlichen Brauntöne der Gartenmöbel sehen hier einfach nur toll aus! #rinnbeton #gartengestaltung #design
the floor is covered in gravel and has a bowl of flowers on it
Terrassenplatte Feinsteinzeug Streetline Graphit 60 x 60 cm 2 Stück - Bond Knitting
an outdoor patio and dining area with grass
19+ Beauteous Contemporary Decor Minimalist Ideas
Prodigious Useful Ideas: Contemporary Office Art contemporary villa los angeles.Contemporary Interior Stone Fireplaces contemporary interior stone fireplaces.Contemporary Garden On Slope..
a wooden table sitting on top of a patio next to a lush green park area
Sierbestrating - SIERBESTRATING De Vliert - de specialist in brabant in sierbestrating en natuursteen:
an empty patio with a table and chairs
Welkom op Gillenia
Terras in keramische tegels met houtlook
a wooden deck with two black couches on it and grass in the back ground
vlonderplanken gecombineerd met tegels
vlonderplanken gecombineerd met tegels - Google zoeken
an image of a section of a house showing the insulation and components for its foundation
1. couronnement étanchéité 2. isolant: styrofoam 100mm 3. toile et colle 4. étanchéité verticale: 5. étanchéité verticale: 6. membrane de fondation à excroissance en PEHD 7. blocs en béton plein de fondation 8. étanchéité horizontale 9. armatures fer rond à béton 10. semelle filante 11. chape béton de 60mm d’épaisseur avec joints de dilatation 12. isolant: styrofoam 13. feuilles PE (2x) 14. dalle beton arme, épaisseur 100mm (armature en treillis acier 150x150mm et diametre 8mm)
a cement bench sitting in the middle of a field next to a tree and grass
Einfriedung mit Kant- und L-Steinen | Gartenbau selber gemacht
Einfriedung mit Kant- und L-Steinen | Gartenbau selber gemacht