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I liked Rayman Legends way too much! Playing in on PSVita was actually fun to play along with the touch screen, even the daily challenges were addictive :_D but now it's time to leave it because I spent too much time on that and not working hahaha!

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It seems like the world can’t get enough of the limbless wonder known as Rayman, as the platforming juggernaut is set to return to mobile devices later this fall in another sprint-tastic adventure, Rayman Fiesta Run.

Boss Ocean Mechanic Dragon - Rayman Legends Artwork

Beautiful Rayman Legends artwork uploaded by IGC - Boss Ocean Mechanic Dragon

RAYMAN LEGENDS by Nki Studio, via Behance

The epic show of Rayman and his friends through worlds populated by beings as legendary as strange.

Rayman Legends

Sir Globrax is one of the characters in the game Rayman Legends. A very famous knight, who.

Making of RayMan Legends Dark Creatures kkkkk

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