smart, green solution for business cards

Brilliant Eco-Business Card Can Be Printed on Practically Anything

Business card for Andrea Romani an environmental consultant. Design by Fischer Portugal: This is a great piece of marketing for the client because of the client's intention. Both clever and resourceful, since anything can become a business card.


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Brilliant Tin Can Packaging For Hemingway's Classic ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ - Storytelling

Llama Del Rey

Not fixing your jacked up teeth and bleaching your hair. sweetie, if it breaks off at the ends your hair can't take it.

Rubber Stamp

Seldom do you see the fantastic DIY wedding ideas across the internet, And when you find one then what do you do? You grab it! So what about making a moustache wedding stamp? Have you given a thought about this one? You can well make a wedding stamp that

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