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Because she likes pink by Twilit-Arawen on deviantART (a.k.a - Jay Phenrix)

Princess Peach in the Zero Suit and Samus trying on the princess' dress<<<<anyone else notice mario and snake in the background, spying on them

Sexy Samus Aran - More Fanart at #bikini #samusaran #metroid #bikini #hot #art #nintendo

bikini blonde_hair blue_bikini blue_eyes breasts elbow_gloves gloves gun hand_on_hip high_heels high_ponytail highres legs long_hair metroid samus_aran solo super_smash_bros.

Girls, heels, legs, stockings : Photo

Girls, heels, legs, stockings : Photo

Abbey Clancy Year: 2010 Location: New York, New York, United States, Milk Studios Swimsuit: Bodypaint by Joanne Gair Photographed by: Yu Tsai

Beauty Abbey Clancy is a British lingerie and catwalk model, who getting painted for SI. Check out awesome pics of Abigail Clancy body painting pics.

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I will try a new method of body painting. Please refer to the link below "My Original Works".