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an old car sitting in the grass next to a tree
Welcome to the Jungle, we got fun-n-games!
an autumn scene with trees and a bridge
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
an old rusted car sitting in the middle of a field next to a city
an aerial view of a train yard with lots of junk
Olhem para os detalhes. A quantidade de pormenores é impressionante!!!
an old rusted truck sitting in the middle of a field next to a wooden fence
an old rusted out truck sitting in the woods
Serviços | American Dream
an old rusted truck sitting in the grass
49 international kb6 wrecker
49 international kb6 wrecker
an old blue car with rust on it's hood sitting in the middle of a forest
drop tops
1957 Chevy Convertible
an old rusty car is parked in the woods next to another rusted out car
Dusseldorf-Erkrath The Vintage Supercars Rotting away in a Forest (and that’s how the owner wants it)
multiple images of different train tracks in various colors and sizes, each with the same color scheme
20 Stunning Photographs Showing Nature Reclaiming Man-made Objects
As solid and unshakable as we think our civilization is, its grip on nature is tenuous at best. If any cracks appear in the faces of our buildings or our machines, nature is quick to move in and take over. With this in mind, here are 21 photos of places and things that nature is in the process of reclaiming.
an old abandoned car in the woods with moss growing on it's roof and windows
An apple a day... - Comic & Webtoon
Abandoned VW bus that was once someone's home, deep in the forests of Norway.