For some reason this makes me think that she looks up and sees stars, but she can only see the ordinary ones and won't ever know what beautiful things are really out there.

Por você vou roubar os anéis de Saturno.

Previous pinner says: Saturn. I love how you can see thru the rings, and I love the different-- vertical-- orientation. Finally, I love how the Cassini probe continues to beam us such amazing photographs of the Saturn system!


I want to draw a picture of an astronaut in space with a gun to his head but, have it wear he is blowing the galaxy out his head instead of his brain. Or maybe have the astronaut float in darkness.

Best selfie ever. Mais Mais

Zero-gravity selfie with the brightly lit continent of Europe as background. Beat that!


shot from the space station : earth on the left, eclipse and moon on the right, milky way dead ahead.

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