plastic spoon chandelier

Plastic Spoon Chandelier

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Here are some creative DIY paper plate ideas we came across browsing the internet! We hope you have fun getting crafty with these paper plate ideas! this is amazing Paper plate dress

#Lámpara realizada con un tronco de madera. • Minimalist wood sculpture Fine Art on illuminated glass core.

Minimalist Wood Sculpture Fine Art Wood Sculpture on Illuminated Glass Core by SplitGrain


DIY Tutorial: Would make a cute lampshade. Looks like the Ikea paper lantern, cheap Michael's garland, some pom pom's --- Glue on the flowers.

EL MUNDO DEL RECICLAJE: DIY lámpara con tapones de plástico

DIY lamp bottle caps Have you collected many plastic bottles at home and do not know what you can do with it?

estanterias cajas recicladas  de madera

Un montón de ideas para reciclar cajas de fruta

Lamparas de madera reciclada

Really like the one in the upper right hand corner! driftwood table lamp stands Would Like A Small To Med Lamp For Corner Of The Family room.Like THIS Look have seen metal lamp that looked tree like at TJMaxx

Luminárias de parede com latas de leite pintadas.

Lux Lamp from Lighthouse

Wall Sconces - Light as Art."Lightplay" Lux Lamp by Lighthouse, Iceland. Available in 13 colours. Fabulous to use a multiple of light fixtures on a wall or hallway in a designated pattern.


Lighting / wheel Looks like a cool DIY project with a bike tire, a ceiling rack and string lights