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an open book with drawings on it next to a pen and watch faces, including a drawing of a woman's face
Changewielder Bard
"I fear changewielding. Not because it is something that I cannot fully understand, but because of what its full knowledge entails. When I was younger, I remember approaching a changewielder friend of mine on Odir to ask her about her craft. She answered, "Imagine turning on a toaster if you will. Pretty easy, right? Except that the toaster has no on and off switch, is made of thick obsidian stone, and is constantly on the verge of collapsing into a Red Dwarf. This is Changewielding to you."
Japanese Pop Culture Lesson Presentation Layout, Graphic Design Fun, Presentation Templates, Presentation Design, Presentation Design Layout, Presentation Deck, Copywriting Ads, The Japanese, Ppt Template
Japanese Pop Culture Lesson | Google Slides & PowerPoint
Talk to your audience about aspects of the Japanese pop culture with this editable Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template. #Slidesgo #FreepikCompany #freepresentation #freetemplate #presentations #themes #templates #GoogleSlides #PowerPoint #GoogleSlidesThemes #PowerPointTemplate #education #lesson #illustration
a woman sitting at a desk with two computer monitors and a cat on her lap
Setup completo
a cat sitting on top of a computer desk next to a person wearing headphones
Cute and hilarious at the same time 😍😃
a woman sitting at a computer desk with a cat sleeping on top of the keyboard
40 fotos de gatos em lugares que eles não deveriam estar - Tediado
a cat sitting on top of a glass table next to a person holding a spoon
an orange and white cat is laying on top of a cart in a convenience store
Empreendedorismo, melhores e piores fotos 6
Não toque no gato não use flash
two cats sitting on top of a trash can next to yellow flowers and blue sky
a group of rabbits sitting in a basket
Cottagecore Decorating Ideas by
Let's break down the design elements of the new aesthetic called Cottagecore Decorating and study some of the best cottagecore Instagram accounts.
a cat is sitting in the bathtub being bathed by a woman's hand
an orange and white cat laying on top of a person's lap reading a book
a boy sitting on a bench with two cats in front of him and another cat behind him
a small white dog in a pink basket on a pink scooter at an airport
Patrick Lucas Austin on X