Gabriela Zambrano

Gabriela Zambrano

Gabriela Zambrano
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☀「〃AWAW9。C0M〃」☀ VEGAS_BET / 첫충3%-재충3%-저녁7시한번더!! / 주말5% 자타공인 대한민국1등 온라인카지노 베가스벳. 체험머니 무한지급.2016년 새해에는 베가스벳에서 대박나세요

Sadly have come to and end. They had a long run and I hope to support them in all their solo activities and look forward to watching what every member comes up with later on!

KARD - Busca do Twitter

One of my best group, KARD I mean there songs are AMAZING and hola hola, I was speechless when I saw the MV

Esse Sorriso ❤

I'm obsessed with guys like him < 3 Tattoos are my weakness and if is it so handsome man like Jay, with so amazing style and wonderful smile. I can't sleep because of Jay >.