Boa noite bons sonhos a todos!

"Well, what are you waiting for? We're going to dance." His smile was so genuine and young, shining at me through the dark from the driver's side of his car. He turned up the John Mayer cover of To.

Episode 10, "The World Inverted"

Clace (I hate the serie and the movie tbh but the books are lit and Clace is my otp)

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Me if I have 3 pets in the future: alright so here we have Clace, Malec, and Sizzy! Those are totally real names!


“Her first reflex is to bury herself in his chest, and hug him tight, hold on to him as if he’s the only thing keeping her afloat in the midst of the storm going on inside of her.” — wanna-be-nomad