Inuzuka Kiba

My crush it's Kiba! He so cute and Akamaru is to. I love his messy hair.S Im not a creeper, but, I have him as my background, don't act like that you never put your anime crush as your background.

drawing of #blake ! this one's a little cropped, so check it out on my blog if…

black hair blake belladonna clockwork-cadaver fighting stance looking at viewer rwby solo whip yellow eyes

Sasuhina ♥ | We Heart It #sasuhina #sasuke #hinata

Anime / Manga / Girl / Boy / Couple / Pair Sasuke Uchiha x Sakura Haruno

hinata anbu | hinata anbu

Sad anbu Hinata <<<< I think it's another character, one from the war arc.<<<<<<<<<<<<Her name is Yūgao, she's an anbu captain and former girlfriend of Hayate.