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two tweets with different facial expressions on them, one is saying glasses are so unattractive we just try to see damn
Evaporated Coatings Inc. | Photonics Buyers' Guide | Photonics Marketplace
the older i get the more i realizing how much i love being at home doing nothing
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an old man with glasses on his face and the caption reads, do you ever just forget to hide your expressions for a minute and then you're like what i did not mean to make that face out loud
24 Random Memes That Are Pointless But Still Funny As Heck
an image of someones birthday message with the caption saying,'birthdays were so easy when i was younger like wanted toys and stuff like that??????????????????????????
16 Cynical Adulting Memes And Tweets That'll Make You Feel Slightly Less Helpless
a tweet that reads, do you ever leave ur phone for like an hour and expect to come back to like 40 texts but get none yeah same
39 Humorous Memes That'll Rid You Of Your Crippling Boredom
Adhd, Mental Health, Depression And Anxiety
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some people are talking to each other and one is holding a frog on his shoulder
​9 Things People Growing Up With Strict Parents Understand
a tweet with the caption that reads, ok so my mom can hear me say whatever under my breath but can't hear me scream yeah after calling my name 10 times from the kitchen
the tweet is being used to describe what it's like to have conversations in my head than in real life
a tweet with the caption that reads,'sometimes i say hur? then answer the question before the person even repeats themselves
Inspirational Quotes, Depressing Quotes, Depression Quotes, Whisper Quotes, Emotional Quotes, Hurt Quotes
Do you ever feel depressed over the smallest things and then when people ask what's wrong you feel like you can't tell them because it's so insignificant?
a tweet with the words, i have 3 moods skip every song on the playlist 2 let the music play without interruption 3 plays the same song on repeat for days
Fricken Funny Memes 'N' Posts (41 Memes)
two tweets with one saying stay away from people who think you're arguing every time you try to explain yourself