Mona robot

I had a goal of pinning a reinterpretation of Mona Lisa to every one of my boards. There are so many parodies and such diversity, this was possible. But I have since reunited them to one board.

Mona Gets A Facial Mona Lisa More Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

After a few hundred years, a girl's skin can start to look a little dull. Mona decided it was time to treat herself to a facial to get back that youthful glow.

টাইটানিকে মোনা লিসা বৌদি ।

টাইটানিকে মোনা লিসা বৌদি ।

Pixel art; by Joo Jaebum

Korean artist Joo Jaebum has rendered classic artworks square by square to create a series of pixelated art. Pixel brush in hand, Joo has.