O dono desta cobertura pediu ao paisagista Gilberto Elkis uma piscina que se estendesse pela lateral do apartamento. Para aproveitar a vista e dar uma sensação de amplitude, ela foi feita com borda infinita. Pedras vulcânicas revestem o tanque


The owner of this coverage has asked the landscaper Gilberto ELKIS a pool that extended from the side of the apartment. For views and give a sense of space, it was made ​​infinity. Volcanic rocks lining the tank


This is amazing above ground pool ideas with decks. Building a deck around your above ground pool changes the look and feel immensely. Find out the best

UBHouse by Paula Martins Arquitetura, Interiores & Detalhamento | HomeDSGN

UBHouse by Paula Martins Arquitetura, Interiores & Detalhamento

UBHouse is a private residence designed by Paula Martins Arquitetura, Interiores & Detalhamento. It is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has a warm and sleek aesthetic. Photos courtesy of Paula Martins Arquitetura, Interiores & Detalhamento


House Aboobaker by Nico van der Meulen Architects in Limpopo, South Africa. Bridge over pool. Floor to ceiling glass. Water Feature in street frontage:

Glass pool tile from Walker Zanger

Montage Pattern in Moroccan Blend; Walker Zanger Glass Tile for pool/spa

Winner of Best Hardscape Project in 2014 Gardenista Considered Design Awards, Steven Harris Architects Pool | Gardenista

Best Hardscape Project Winner: Steven Harris Architects

Arquivo para pastilha - CasaNovah

I love this black-tiled roof top pool. Imagine on a hot summers day diving into this pool and being cocooned by the cool refreshin (Cool Pools Chairs)